Monday, February 4, 2013

Movie Roundup

Boy oh Boy, I had such high hopes for Gangster Squad.  This was action-less and lame.  The re-editing and re-shooting of this movie killed it.  It'll be on cable next month.  Boring and kinda pointless.

I kinda like these new age war films, except for Green Zone which was boring as Hell.  This movie shows the somewhat brilliance and very idiotic tendencies of the American Government.   It was directed well and never really hit a dull point.

This movie was unexpectedly good.  Frank is an old cat burglar and his son gets him a helper robot. Frank then teaches the robot to steal.  Good film.

This is a buddy movie.  It's like the bucket list for old gangsters.  It's something to watch.  6 outta 10.

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