Monday, February 4, 2013


It's been a long season and a long road.  For some this is where the road ends but it's been a great ride.  The Ravens dominated the 49ers up until the 35 minute power outage.  San Fransico only had 6 points both scored by David Akers (he even missed a kick).  I think that 35 minutes gave the 9er's time to SNAP OUT OF IT!  They realized that they were indeed in the Super Bowl and indeed losing.  They came back BLAZING!  Amazing throws amazing run game.  Ray Rice's fumble got the 49er's right back in the game.

Ray Lewis and Randy Moss were non-factors in this game.  Ed Reed showed up, Ed Dickson showed up?! Pitta and Boldin were key factors.  The last 2 minutes time management was EXCELLENT. Taking the safety was a brilliant move.  I don't really think Flacco should have gotten the MVP, I think it should have went to Jacoby Jones.  But Flacco has been exceptional during these Playoffs.  Now it's all about next season.  Who is staying who is going.  We shall see.

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