Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Avengers

Everyone seems to love this film.  Everyone but me.  I mean it's a good movie but nothing to flip out about.  The 2h 30m run time alone is enough to make you think twice about seeing it in the theater.  The 1st Iron Man was better than this.  Captain America was surprisingly better than this. The 2nd Hulk movie was almost better than this.  Hawkeye??!! Really?!  Hawkeye?!  Listen I like Hawkeye...in his element, but when you are the "guy with the arrows," it kinda makes you a lame duck.  He was really only used for a plot device.  He was introduced in the Thor movie just to use him in the Avengers film.  I think the only reason they threw him in there is b/c they don't own Spider-Man or the X-Men or the Fantastic Four.  And really Loki again? We just had Loki as the villain!  Hulk was the only entertaining part of this film.  Captain America is not only a bore but he has this since of entitlement that he should have known that he had.  He was frozen for like 60... 70 years but its not like that sense of time hit him, so the idea that he feels older and called the one guy "son," is simply unbelievable.  Black Widow?!! Come on man.  They could have cut out about 45 minutes of this film and it still would have been just ok.  I really don't know why people are jizzing in their jeans about this movie.  But ppl seem to love it and it made several boat loads of money, so let the sequels come. 

Avenge My Time


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