Tuesday, May 29, 2012


As much as I enjoy Brad Pitt as an actor this film was just ok.  The last 3 minutes of the movie shows why it was up for an Oscar.  The dialogue between him and his daughter was the best part of the film. The real guy that Jonah Hill played didn't want anything to do with the movie after the producers wanted to change key things in the story.  So ultimately what we have here is art intimidating life, interrupted by some made up shit.  This film made Billy Bean look like the greatest Dad and the biggest loser.  And that's fine I guess,  you just kept hoping that something good would happen for this guy.  When he gets a huge opportunity to move to Boston to work for the Red Sox he doesn't take it and other people use his formula all over the league for themselves.  Oh moral compass, it may have lead you down the wrong path Mr. Bean.  But who knows.  

Dummy Ball


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