Friday, May 11, 2012

Officially Unofficial (Silence Of the Lions)

The fact is most people don't care about the NBA until the playoffs.  In fact I didn't care about the lockout at all.  They could have stayed out the entire season as far as I was concerned.  But due to the shortened season it seems like the playoffs have come in the blink of an eye.  I think that... and this comes from a place knowing how the world works, since the season was shorter the officials have to cheat more.   WHOA! WHOA! DRAG what are you saying?!  I mean read this if you need more info, but bottom line is officials cheat.  They can change the outcome of a game no questions asked.  This playoff season there seems to be a lot more of the officials not letting the players play.  It's really evident in the Miami games.  Some calls you say to yourself "ehh ok whatever."  But in the playoffs man you are supposed to let the lions roar.  I feel the lions are being silenced for the sake of personal gain.  Just the fact that 5 people on the Clippers team got Technical fouls the other night is pretty ridiculous. 

I'm not sure (though a different animal completely) if even  that many people got Tech's in the Pacers v. Pistons Brawl.  Ejecting Rondo from the game for him showing emotion in the middle of a heated and bad call.  It just looks fishy.  The extra crazy thing about that eject was the refs back was turned so he really didn't know what part of his body touched him.  That could have been Rondo's hand on his back trying to talk to him.  He didn't even see what or who it was, he just threw him out?? Seems odd.  In the Miami series anytime anybody touches LeBron (Floppy) James he gets the call.  This is a full contact sport and it is being mangled by bad...scratch that over officiating.  It def seems like they want Miami in the finals, but do they want them to win?  I guess we will see. 

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