Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pyramids and Plates

I am sick of the USDA changing the damn Food Pyramid. They change it only to change it again. The thing is you can "educate" people as much as you want but that is not going to change people's eating habits. Especially when Checkers commercials keep coming on selling 2 half pound burgers for 3 bucks. It is a fast food nation so to some extent a regulation of these franchises and organizations need to be heavier. I know that crosses some type of line be it communism or any other -ism, but at this point when the obesity rate is so high a real change needs to be made. The same people that grew up with the food pyramid were the same ones that ushered in a new age of obesity, so this plate thing isn't stopping Whoppers from getting consumed.

Oh Egypt


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