Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 NBA Champs Dallas Mavericks

They are the Champions of the World! Congrats to Dirk, Terry, Marion and Kidd! When the finals started I didn't care which team won as long as it was a good series and wasn't a sweep. It was almost a sweep in the other direction. The Miami Heat still have to feel themselves out as a Team. Which pieces make sense and which don't. They made it very far for there first year together. LeBron didn't have the eye of the tiger at all. Wade was the only one that had that spark early on but even his seem to fade. It just came down to good Basketball.

While all the announcers and "fans" were hugging the nuts of LeBron the Mavericks came out and played great. Even when the Heat lost Magic Johnson was still on the nutsack of LeBron and the Heat and it was simply unbelievable. Scottie Pippen even got out of pocket and said that LeBron was better than Mike. Jordon son!!! You gotta be kidding Scott! What is LeBron selling to these guys. He is a good player, a phenomenal player but he is not a leader. He does not yet posses the leadership qualities of a Jordan or Kobe. I think he is a good second man like Shaq. He has more talents than Shaq but he doesn't play as aggressively.

LeBron might be one of those guys that win down the line in there mid to late 30's like Garnett, Dirk and Kidd. Or like Baron Davis, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson he may never see that trophy.

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