Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baltimore's Very Own

Baltimore's Very Own is a music blog that highlights artists in/from Baltimore and surrounding areas. With multiple posts a week from artists newest music, this blog gives a great scope on the scene. Being only a one man operation I honestly have no clue how he listens to that much music...(without going crazy)! All artists should be thankful when bloggers show love and appreciation for the craft.

Peat!! (last time)



BmoresVeryOwn said...

Dude, luckily(looks around) my job is pretty ehhh...lets just say most days I have like 2 hours of work and eight hours to do it so I spend a lot of downtime listening at work. But yeah, it's hard sometimes, Some shit I can't get through. And I had promised myself I'd post everything I listen to, but a few mixtapes I just can't, I don't want to hurt feelings or get into it with any of these rapping niggaz. It's some bad stuff out there and I always try to look at the good side of everything, like where it would be good at, but some shit I just don't like and I waste my time on it.

But other than that, thanks for supporting, I can't wait til your shit drop, I actually just took all of your old stuff OFF my ipod in preparation for your new stuff. I want a blank slate so I won't judge you that a word? Anyway, I'm definitely waiting on you and ya boy Street, personally and for the blog.

Thanks again, keep doing your thing!

PenDragon said...

Man I salute you! All that music would drive me nuts! Im aiming for August at this point. Still waiting on some ppl though. And I need the funding to be right.


Nawh but def thanks for listening man. Really!