Monday, October 11, 2010

The Social Network

This is the story of the birth of Facebook and the death of friendships. This movie is shot brilliantly and the dialogue is Gilmore Girl-esque but not as annoying. What I like about the film is that its oddly so current. The movie opens in 2003 and follows Mark Zuckerburg's journey into becoming a Billionaire. It involves blatant (although much better received and way wider thinking) idea theft, alienation, a crazy Asian chick, the guy that started Napster, and ALOT of Lawyers. It's hip, it moves fast and its educational. I learned about the guy that started Victoria's Secret (SAD). The lighting of the club that displayed on Justin Timberlake's face during the aforementioned scene wonderfully makes him look sinister and devilish. Very smart! Good real life movie.

Drop The "The"


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