Monday, October 25, 2010

Restaurant Round Up --- Rub and Andy Nelson's

Me and my brother Mark Shotta enjoy food! So we are always on the look out for new and great cuisine. Unfortunately we run into some bad spots along the way, enter "Rub." Placed at the very edge of Light St, this joint isn't as sparkling as the marque advertises. The water was served in Ball Mason jars which was pretty cool, but when asked for a Arnold Palmer (half n half for all you common folk!) it was super bitter and not mixed properly. The food arrived and the Macaroni and cheese tasted like it was straight out of a box! The meat was dry and just not seasoned well. One redeeming quality was the Sweet Potato Fries. They were crisp, well seasoned and flavorful.

Another spot myself and my bro encountered was Andy Nelson's. Named and owned by a former Baltimore Colts Football Player, Andy Nelson's serves up great down home style BBQ. The service was fast! The food was moist, flavorful and just delicious. I don't even like corn in my cornbread but this stuff was great! The chicken fell off the bone as soon as I picked it up! I only got the pit beef because they were out of Beef Brisket at that time. But I must say that it was paper thin and super moist. The only annoyance was the flies! It's kind of an indoor outdoor establishment so the flies get in pretty easy. Next time I'll just get it to go.



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