Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Forget that I've known Ogun for like 13 years. Forget that my brother Street Scott produced and is featured on a song on the CD. Forget that I got a shout-out on song #9. Forget all that. This is the most solid body of work Ogun has put out to date! The original songs that he has up to this point would make a great album ("GO LONG" better be on there!!!). From running around with him and Street on a mini tour of sorts, I've heard a few of these songs during the performances. And finally getting to hear a CDQ version of Stardom! Real Life is dope....the song and the beat...produced by Traum. Goon's verse on Why You Acting...dope. That B A-A-A-A-A-A L-T-I! that should be an anthem. Although the CD version seems to be different from the version is was used to. And the brother always has a few uplifting songs on a project for the ppl to feel good. If this is the product that he comes up with in his "Spare Time," imagine what he could do in Prime Time!




What your Favorite Song? said...

I totally Agree with you Brother Drag the project is DOPE.....The lyrical content and the production was dope...I like the industry join he used. The White Boy Song is crazy and the feature are GOOD...Gritty Season 4sho..

BmoresVeryOwn said...

This mixtape is GREAT! I'm going to post a review tonight, but, do you REALLY think this is his most SOLID body of work???