Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shaq Fu!

Shaq is a wild boy! So after Kobe and them lose to the Celtics, Shaq gets on stage and freestyles about Kobe. I give it to him he was flowing, but Big Man said some things that as a man you have to answer for one day. Be it on the court or maybe even Kobe will put out a record. He is gonna do something I'm sure b/c he has been hanging out with those dudes from Jackass and I think he likes the attention. AND THEN Shaq goes on Sports Center and says he was just playing. These people kill me with there..."I'm gonna say something crazy, then take it back," attitude. You said it and you meant it, you might as well stick to your guns.




Tuesdai Noelle said...

This was funny for real, but I'm with you on this, like you said "Folks and the Takebacks"....I'm going to say this "Friends or was just fake all this time"??? If you're going to randomly say STUFF or jokes as such in or about certain things...put a period behind it, if you SAID it, STAND by it. To me, I think Shaq was serious, just trying to cover it UP...it's like look here Shaq lol, you just went through a divorce, didn't GO to the playoffs, ummmmm....why are you doing commericals now, you don't do a GOOD job like Wade or James soooooo lol, and lastly You can't even rap, SO what is all this FOR, childhood or high school "MUST live this OUT" FUN? ...that ONE part was funny but still...play time is OUT...daddy darecare has needed lol, "War of the World" so soooo early milliemum lol. NEXT----I'm wondering what Kobe is going to say...but he shouldn't COME back with anything @ this...jus LEAVE it alone, this does NOT need to become the NEXT Addition of Ice Ts' and Soulja Boy drama fest: They would call this one something stupid like lol "From me 2 you...sincerely" lol.

PenDragon said...

True. Shaq can't win by himself either. He always has a great lead scorer and he is the exclaimation @ the end of the sentence. And now the police took his play badge from him too, so Shaq loses as well.