Friday, September 17, 2010


This hype machine was birthed about 3 years ago during the intermission of GrindHouse, Quentin Tarentino and Robert Rodrigeuz's collaborative effort. Me and my bro Mark Shotta were instantly blown away and wished that it was an actual film, and now it is. This movie is star studded and over the top, just like the 80's theme it was aimed for. Danny Trejo plays Machete and his arch rival is a Drug boss named Torrez played by Steven Seagal! I mean it's nudity (not from Jessica Alba or Michelle Rodriguez) guns and humor all in one film. Lindsay Lohan is in it as a party girl turned gun toting Nun! And she was naked (maybe)! This movie is just a good time. And watch as the old box BMW turns into a new Mercedes in the next shot. It's so bad it's priceless!

Machete Kills .... Machete Kills Again


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