Friday, September 24, 2010

Wins $54 Million Dollar Mega Millions Tickets

Garina Fearon won $54 Million Dollars in the Mega Millions Jackpot and will take the lump sum of $30 Million Dollars!!! She says she plans to buy her Mother a new house. But check this crazy shit. She works on Riker's Island as a Prison Guard and she says that she isn't going to quit???!!!! Now to me this seems that it could cause so many problems. First of all whats the point of working (there) with all that money? Your co-workers aren't going to respect you, the job might not let you come back ...too much risk...which then could possibly turn into a law suit for her for them not letting her back. This seems super silly to me. You have made more money then you ever could working there in 10 lifetimes what's the point? Find something more useful to do with your life! It's supposed to be a happy story but in a way it's pretty sad.

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