Friday, September 3, 2010

DRAG Vs. Mateo Yayo: Major Vs. Indie Record Deal

* Drag --- i disagree

~ Mateo Yayo --- here we go...round 1...FIGHT!

* Drag --- ding ding ding

~ Mateo Yayo --- what part do you disagree with?

* Drag --- if that was the case why was Roc a fella still on DEF JAM -- why does Baby still do business with Universal??? Currensy was on Amalgam Digital -- didnt sell squat --- Asher Roth --- is on SRC -- which gets distributed thru Universal ---

* Drag --- name a sucessful independent rapper

~ Mateo Yayo --- define successful...

* Drag --- i knew u were gonna say that shit -- i swear -- i was gonna type it before u

* Drag --- sounding like r. kelly -- "define teenage" --- bill clinton --- "define sex"

* Drag --- selling records --- that's what the music business is --- selling records ---

~ Mateo Yayo --- successful: people who blow money and freeze it up!

* Drag --- so name an independent artist that sells records --- Gold at least?

~ Mateo Yayo --- aesop rock, atmosphere, busdriver, mf doom....

~ Mateo Yayo --- not to mention your boy drake sold the shit out of a mixtape without being signed...not to mention the rock acts out there who sell without the help of shady ass majors

* Drag fanbase sure --- they dont sell no records though --

* Drag --- im just saying the label gives u the money to market --- alone ppl dont have enough marketing dollars to generate a proper "buzz" or fan base that could populate sizable sells figures

~ Mateo Yayo --- what are you talking about? all those guys sell records...i promise you you dont even listen to them LOL not to mention selling records isn't the only part of the music business...they sell out shows and is you have a huge fanbase your selling out shows!

~ Mateo Yayo --- who needs all this money when you have the internet...THINK BRO!

~ Mateo Yayo --- marketing dollars are seriously just a waste of money, the internet is the hugest marketting tool out there, the only thing majors do is shove shit in your ears to the point where you get brain washed into thinkin you like the shit!

* Drag --- whoa whoa --- im talking rappers not rock --- Drake had marketing dollars --- he had his own legal money from TV and not to mention contacts from his famous family (larry grahm) to get him way more exposure then your average rapper

~ Mateo Yayo --- ok but the point is he didn't use a major though...rap and rock are pretty much the same industry, as a matter of fact rappers should really take some notes on marketing and creativity from indie alternative artists

* Drag --- so to put stuff on the internet (not just facebook and twitter) is Free???????
~ Mateo Yayo free for you yes! those who are witty enough make it happen! seriously man, majors are for lazy people...

~ Mateo Yayo --- these days if you just appear on a major without having a cult following your career is over in like a year tops! but if your indie, its for the people by the people...better to have a slow grind than 15 min of fame!

~ Mateo Yayo --- what are you googling drag? i know this nigga is googling right now haha!

* Drag --- that sounds like a cop out --- thats like saying " i have a billion dollars and i catch the bus to work" money is for lazy ppl

* Drag --- and to that fact lets go back to the video that started all this --- why did Currensy's album get distribution thru Def Jam if Dame "doesn't need them" so much??????

* Drag --- what do have to google??

~ Mateo Yayo --- no but you know what being signed to a major means right? its more than just the money, shit if you get signed to a major the artist you wanna be is no longer an option...instead of making music for the people you start to make music to impress the execs into writing you a check! as an artist that to me is the str8 definition of selling your soul!

+ Pharaoh Ze --- Both of yall got great points but overall I gotta go with drag on this.also I Tech I think your right bout selling out shows is where big chunks of dough come from but even that is split between the labels and the's a catch 22 either way you look at it tho

* Drag --- its def a catch 22!!! they do shows cause they ultimately have too! its like 98% of there income -- doing shows for like 320 days out of the year --

~ Mateo Yayo --- he acknowledged his mistake though, he was sayin if he could take it all back...being distributed by a major isn't the problem, its signing to them as an artist thats a problem to me...

* Drag --- but when they weren't signed and only getting distributed thru Priority --- they weren't making shit --- Jay-Z woulda never been a house hold name if he had not signed to a major --- Reasonable Doubt just went Platinum like a couple years ago ---- P.S. i dont have to google anything --- imma computer POW!

~ Mateo Yayo --- ok so if your making more money doing shows as an independant artist than a major label artist why the fuck would you want to be on a major, knowing that selling records is pretty much null and currensy's album sucks ass thats why he didn't sell records

~ Mateo Yayo --- ok maybe im being naive, i know that being on a major will get you more exposure but at the same time, your level of success is not determined by majors...there are plenty of artists signed to majors who get shelved but end up going indie and blow up! catch 22 indeed

+ Pharaoh Ze --- Because the marketing dollars the label throw at you is to promote,pay your manager,lawyers,producers,etc while indies are really only good for distrubution.everything else you have to find your own means

~ Mateo Yayo --- yeah and when you go indie you also smarten up and realise half that shit you dont need...most major artists have like 20 managers who dont do shit but steal money anyway...major labels pay for major egos

* Drag --- that jawnt alright -- best music i have heard from him actually --- i didnt say that your making more money doing shows as an independent artist --- did i say that??? --- where did i say that???? its 98% of THEIR income --- major artists bring out more ppl to bigger venues -- which means they can tour less and actually enjoy themselves


For the most part I think it was a great conversation. In some points in life you have to agree to disagree. Everyone has their own plans and goals and will fruition of those plans and goals through their chosen method.

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Peat said...

I didn't read it in it's entirety, maybe later since I DO have to work this evening *screwface* but that dude mateo should have mentioned Cool Kids.

They are proof positive you don't need a major, they put the music out for the free and sell out shows all over the place.

I mean, if your looking to do 'numbers' then yeah, the major is your route. But if your good just making the music and doing shows and such, you can do it sans the major. It's actually a ton of dudes...not a ton, but a bunch of artists/groups. Look at Tanya Morgan, it's def possible to make a good living off the music without signing. You won't be uber famous and all over every network but if you can find your niche audience and capitalize and your willing to put in 23 hrs a day, them boom.

TA all day.

PenDragon said...

I agree. Its all in what your in it for. Cool Kids are a great example. They make it work.