Thursday, March 27, 2008

GO GO Racial Unity

Contrary to the good ppl at Attack of the Show, Power Rangers (the original) was super ill. When school was over, after you do your math problems you'd watch 5 kids from Cali with complete racial harmony save the world. Sure the show was sorta racist (the black guy danced and the yellow ranger was Asian...i mean come on) but none the less it was entertaining. Horrible huge puppets fighting each other was kinda cool. Of course Alpha was annoying and Zordon was mad creepy but you watched it. It was like watching Godzilla having a new adventure every day. Each show started the same and ending the same....the Earth was safe b/c of a multi-racial group of teenagers. And it has more spin-offs than Three's Company and The Andy Griffith Show combined.
The Green Ranger was my homie.
R.I.P. to Thuy Trang the first Yellow Ranger

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