Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Chelsea was at the DNC last night...and...shawty is a D.I.L.F. (what) a D.I.L.F....shawty is a D.I.L.F (what)! Yeah Chel's was looking pretty hot last evening. Last time I remembered seeing her she was ok...but she stepped her game up...I'm talking sky high ya dig. I know growing up things weren't looking to promising. She had weird hair and a wild chin. But she grew into all that well. Maybe its hope for Bobby Christina. Bill better keep an eye out...before one of these rap dudes start coming around tryna get close to Chel's. And since his office is in Harlem he doesn't want to walk in and half the Dipset is chilling in there, holding a dice game...smoking out...shooting videos. Bottom line. CH looks good.



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