Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kickin It into High Gear

How in the world could you not have Olympic Fever?? During the Taekwondo event this dude from Cuba took an injury time out. The judge then says that he was taking too long and disqualified the dude. Dude then proceeds to kicks the judge in the per the picture above. I mean really though. the judge had it coming. This guy has prob been training for the Olympics since last year. And the Olympics only come around every 4 years, and this was prob this guys last year to compete seriously. If a guy is hurt how can you d/q them for taking too long. It's not like he was taking 30 mins or even 10. In a sport like that when you are using your whole body to stand, attack , and defend if a guy gets injured they should come back when they feel as though their whole body is good enough to compete...within reason. Then the Swedish judge came over...what was he gonna do?? And the dude from Cuba proceeded to attack him too.

To just analyze the picture for a second. Look at the precision of the kick. That guy is good. And also disqualified. I guess he wasn't hurting that bad, cause he sure kicked the crap outta that guy.

If You Can't Beat 'Em...Get kicked By 'Em



thevoice said...

The guy from Cuba got a raw deal. Cuba expects their folks to win. The guy was winning and got robbed. What made it bad was he got robbed by a Swedish judge. The guy from Cuba probable trained for years for this.

PenDragon said...

Yeah I know. It was pretty f'ed up.