Monday, August 4, 2008

Not On Your "A" GAME

Not that I remotely care, but with the huge under selling performance of G-Unit's latest album "T.O.S" doesn't it seem like the perfect opportunity for some good old rubbing it in your face. If anyone deserves's 50. Any chance he gets to gloat he defiantly goes for it...even when its uncalled for. Granted he usually does it for the attention b/c that's what most of his career is based off of, the "oooo look at me's" or the "what's he gonna say next" factor plays into his appeal heavily. When Fat Joe release his (poorly titled) album "Elephant In The Room," the very next week after the SoundScans were in 50 released a video giving Fat Joe's career a "funeral," tears...a 21 gun salute...the whole works. The Game seems like he has nothing better to do except talk about 50...say he isn't beefing with him and then talk about him again...then name his website damn there the same as 50's ( then say they aren't beefing then scream "G-Unot!" right after that.

So given that 50 took an L on this one (and on "Curtis" too if you ask the right ppl) shouldn't these 2 guys be all over this. Shouldn't they be hitting the interweb like crazy telling 50 and his boring non-talented friends that they are finished? You can't even give the argument that they don't want to give 50 the attention b/c they usually fire back at him when he does just now that he is hurt why nothing? Are they just happy to see him failing and know that, that hurts him....well that's not good enough 50 wouldn't just sit around and watch you fail...he is gonna say something about it...and make videos about it and go on the radio about it. That's why he is 50 cent and those too are just Fat Joe and the Game...and I like Game's music, but if you want war then war its gonna be you cant sleep...he didn't sleep when he took out Ja Rule...and this is the perfect opportunity. I swear I don't get these rappers.

I'm Gonna Phone This One In


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