Saturday, January 26, 2013

XXL Freshman Cover 2013

XXL Magazine is about to release its annual Freshman Cover.  There have been some talk about who should make the list (some pretty bad choices) but here's my take.

Action Bronson - I don't rock with him like that but I respect his grind even if he does sound like an SNL version of Ghostface.

Childish Gambino - Camp = Classic Album Royalty = Dope Mixtape ... + he sings and produces?!?!?!

Riff Raff -- If Lil B made the cover from his buzz you gotta give it up to Jody Highroller.

Ab - Soul - Solo been killin' for awhile now let that man EAT.

Joey Badass -  The kid has been on his game of that 90's flow

Troy Ave -- he is holding it down for the streets of NY.

Trinadad James - his 2 million dollar deal, the buzz, the GOLD.  He's gotta get it.

Casey Veggies - the kid has been doing it for a minute.  He has the drive but he needs that hit.

Angel Haze - after releasing her mixtape Classick and scrapping with Ms. Banks, Angel Haze should grace the cover.

Last one is a toss up between --- Chris Webby, Tito Lopez and Trouble.

That's my list I'm probably missing a few artists just because I'm thinking as I go.  Childish Gambino isnt' even an option but that has never stopped them before.



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Liezel127 The Baltimore Paparazzi said...

You know half the names on the entire list I have never heard of! LOL I like Tito Lopez! Got to hear him at Baltimore Soundstage with Big K.R.I.T. I can't wait to see who wins the "voting" to get on the cover! Should be interesting to say the least!!