Friday, January 4, 2013

Movie Rundown

DREDD was better than I thought it would be, but that's not saying much because I didn't expect much. I never have really saw the 1st Judge Dredd film and never want to see it.  This had much action and violence but the effects of the "slomo" drug in the film was done a bit too much at times making it a little gimmicky.  But  for the most part it was a good film.

Flight started off great and John Goodman really stole the show.  Denzel really is a great actor, though he has the same mannerisms in every film.  The ending of this movie crashes just like the plane did though.  My thought is, if a movie is over 2 hours it should have a good ending, I mean you make people watch it for that long they should get rewarded.

As a fan of the Anime I think this live action version was done well.  Ruroni Kenshin is about a warrior how has changed his ways from killing.  He is still a bad motherfucka though.  I think Korea makes these live action movies?  But if so they do a damn fine job.  The only complaint is that its about 2hrs and 15 minutes and a few scenes could be taken out or just shortened to fit in a 1hr 45 range.  



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