Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grammy Noms

Grammy Nominations were released last night.  And here are my thoughts on the whole thing.  

Record of the Year Category is tough --- Lonely Boy by the Black Keys is my shit --- But Goyte or Swift will Prob will

Album Of The Year -- My Vote is For Black Keys --- but I think Mumford and Sons will win

Song Of The Year -- Call Me Maybe

Best New Artist -- either Fun. or Frank Ocean

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance -- Maroon 5 - Pay phone -- i don't personally like the song but certain ppl do so there's that

Best Pop Vocal Album -- Pink

Best Dance Recording -- Skrillex or Calvin Harris -- Skrillex is due

Best Dance/Electronica Album --- TUFF -- still think Skrillex is due -- BUT Grammy's be on the old head shit -- so Chemical Bros might take it

Best Rock Album -- another tough one --- but that old head rule applies here -- Bruce Springsteen for the win

Best Alternative Music Album -- Goyte

Best R&B Performance --- Estelle couldn't perform her way out of a paper bag --- since Chris Brown isn't in the cat -- give it to Usher

Best Traditional R&B Performance - Beyonce

Best R&B Song -- Refill son

Best Urban Contemporary Album -- Frank Ocean -- it is amusing that Frank and Chris Brown are in this category -- Frank should just go ahead and take the fade

Best R&B Album -- they know R. Kelly not gonna show up -- so -- Tyrese

Best Rap Performance -- Black People in Paris should win --- but Mercy was pretty mean too

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration -- No Church in the Wild

Best Rap Song -- may I give a speech before I select? How in thee hell is a song off Mac and Devin go to High School nominated ???? Please explain this shit. Like 4 ppl saw the movie and 12 ppl heard the song. Like really Mac and Devin --- A. Its off a soundtrack B. Its like a million better songs then that which came out this year. Much love to Snoop and his son Wizard but nawh man -- no way in hell. I hope Daughters wins.

Best Rap Album -- nominating Take Care for best Rap album is foul son. Its like 4 rap songs on there. The rest are him singing about who he made some bitch or miss some bitch or want some bitch. This WHOLE category is weak as hell. 2 Chainz album was bad. Lupe's album was hit and miss ... Rick Ross??? nawh man -- I can't listen to a Roots album anymore -- please let Nas win this

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