Sunday, December 16, 2012

With These Tickets....I Quit!

Friday's Maryland 4 digit lottery numbers were 4307.  With that being said, I used to have an address of 4207, but I never play that b/c it never comes out.  I missed the number by one number twice in one night.  Also, I haven't won all year!  And to think of it, even if you win I think people still spend way more playing the Lottery than they will ever win.  Unless you win PowerBall or Mega Millions or something.  But as I figure it I will save over $500 a year by not playing.  I like those odds way more.

Let Yourself Play


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Darryl Clark said...

but it's so addictive sometimes! I missed 2 of my numbers box this year and like you, haven't won once.