Friday, December 7, 2012

Week 13 2012/13

99W - 60L Flacco lost the game last week against the Steelers.  The game was basically won and he found away to get that "L."  Maybe it was a bad week for the Harbaugh boys, because the Rams came back to beat the 49ers in what looked like another tie game was going to happen.

STL v. BUF --- STL
DAL v. CIN --- DAL
KC v. CLE --- CLE
TEN v. IND --- IND  --- I think Luck will prevail.
CHI v. MIN --- CHI  --- Seems like Chicago is for real this year.
SD v. PIT --- PIT  --- Big Ben's back -- Phillip Rivers is a has been who never was.
PHI v. TB --- PHI  --- Even with no big names playing they are oddly still an OK team.
BAL v. WSH --- BAL   --- Ray is back.  Suggs had to give up his guns.  Hopefully they can contain RGIII
ATL v. CAR --- ATL
NYJ v. JAC --- NYJ  ---  this game stinks
MIA v. SF --- SF  --- 49ers need to stay in the hunt, Harbaugh playing guess the QB has to end.
NO v. NYG --- NYG --- this time of year the Giants are deadly.
ARI v. SEA --- SEA --- Seattle at home is a win.
DET v. GB --- GB

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