Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sit Down Apple I wanna talk to you a minute.

Listen I know the passing of Steve has been a difficult one, but really you have got to stop putting out these little half projects that has been coming out. The world was waiting for the iPhone 5 and you put out the 4S? It does like 2 new cool things. The people were all clambering about the iPad 3 and you put out the iPad HD? You're falling into minutia and almost getting down to knick knacks. Apple was known for making new products either annually or bi-annually and the public knew it to be different and quality. I'm not saying that the quality is lacking on any of the products, the love might be though. Knowing that you have a die hard fan base that will buy anything you put out is one thing so these acts seem sort of abusive. I want you to get back to making products that revolutionized the Tech World not marginalized it and watered it down with half hearted products.

Dear Apple Get Back To Being Great,


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