Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I kinda hate "based on a true story" films because then I have to determine what is true and what is "based." But this was a good film. For a crack head Dickie was very functional and he had great lungs (that boy could run!). And it teaches you family doesn't always mean right. Everyone had moment of clarity scenes except the mother who seemed to never really get it. Christian Bale's performance was great. His character got caught up with drugs after his claim to fame fight with Sugar Ray Leonard. He didn't win that fight but it was his moment. He was still very much into training his brother but that crack was strong and made his decision making a bit ummm how the French say...fucked up. But I'll be damned if Mick didn't bounce back and get great when he was counted out and called a stepping stone. This is a great movie about family, personal strength and over coming great odds.

"They're Doing A Film About Me"


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