Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fireworks Fail

I don't know which is more sad. The events that took place at the Harbor during the fireworks or the amount of Police dispatched downtown that still couldn't stop a 4 year old from getting shot and a 30 year old man from getting killed. Knowing that The 4th of July and Easter are the times when people become the most rowdy at the Harbor I think the Police did a horrible job at controlling the situations seeing that NO ONE IS IN CUSTODY & THEY HAVE NO LEADS & MUST RELY ON CAMERAS FOR ANSWERS. Cameras can not stop violence but a strong AWARE Police presence can. The Police were probably off harassing the homeless or questioning someone who was completely harmless while elsewhere people are getting hurt and killed and they know nothing. These guys really need to wake up. But the ultimate sad part is the Inner Harbor is this city's biggest "attraction" and now since "certain people" will feel unsafe I'm sure there will be some sort of man hunt and reassurance that everything is okay and these were isolated incidents. But everything isn't ok and 4 year getting shot in the leg is not isolated. Truly a sad state of affairs for all parties....the Police and the ignorant people that endanger others lives in their meaningless foolishness.

Wise Up


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