Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Arundel Mills Casino

The construction of this very confusing, very strange building is still under way. It has already killed a construction worker earlier in the construction phase, and I foresee much more people getting killed after the construction. Last week 2 people were shot in the parking lot of Dave and Buster's at Arundel Mills. If you have ever been to Dave & Buster's you know that there are about 3-5 Anne Arundel Police Cars worth of Police outside and around this establishment. So if two people can get killed around plenty of Police imagine the depths things will turn to when the motive is money and the incidence are a lot less "isolated" ... though to me unless it was a serial criminal pretty much all incidences are isolated. People's cars are being broken into now. Imagine the crime levels as the crowds start to build and the casino gets into full swing.

In a state in which they are raising the bottle tax to supposedly help with school construction (???) when in 2010 - 11 more than almost 20 schools closed this seems to be a misappropriation of necessity over greed. And I'm sure with the casino built they will continue to plan to build hotels for people to stay in so they can stay a bit closer and gamble a bit longer even though the airport hotels are very close to that area anyway.

To say that the casino is plopped in the middle of the parking lot of the mall is a very accurate observation. Who knew it was actually going to be a mere 50 feet from the mall? The college is further away from the mall and its just across the parking lot walk way. Traffic is horrendous now and will probably be that 10 fold when it is ready for business. I think Arundel Mills will be the new mall to stay away from. Parking isn't as bad as Towson or Columbia but it will surely surpass that in no time. I'm just not so sure that this was well thought out. Seems like people and politicians were so greedy for money that they missed a few steps when thinking this through.

Only time will tell though. Hopefully things will go good and people won't get knocked over the heads for their winnings (or lack there of). Happy Hunting...bad choice of phrases.




Asphalt Abington said...

hmm.. that weird, maybe they should consult a Fengshui expert.

BmoresVeryOwn said...


But yeah, I agree, with the very limited parking there already this Casino will be a fiasco. You HAVE to drive there, there is nothing really close. And even if you are a brisk walk away your sure to be struck by a vehicle. Terrible location. And I've been trying to get more buses there but I guess we'll wait until the demand rises, but yeah, this whole thing has on a very tight pair of bad idea jeans.

PenDragon said...

Man I really hope you can. About a million years ago I took a bus out there, seems like it took forever to get there. Hop in the whip im there in like 12-15 minutes. But yeah horrible location.

"bad idea jeans." great line!