Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Comic Book Week!!!

When I was little I used to hit up Geppi's at the Harbor all the time for the newest Marvel cards and comics. Then I used to cop Ultra Fleer cards at Eastpoint Mall from this stand for 4 bucks a pack and trade 'em in middle school. Then my Pop bought me a couple whole sets of series. I don't really read them anymore (Except for DEADPOOL) or follow any of the story lines but I COLLECT!

So Here We Go!

500th issue of Spider Man -- I'm not really much of a Spider-Man reader but he comes through every now and again.

This issue Spidey contemplates quittin the game but we all know that the hustle never stops.

Just a dope Wolverine cover. However he ends up looking like Lobo.

The only Aquaman comic I have and he is fighting off a giant crab....sounds like he needs to go to the clinic to me but what do I know. Anyhow I think Entourage should have actually spun off to make this a movie even though it was a running joke in the series I think followers of the show would have thought it was cool and supported the movie.

Back tomorrow with more!

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