Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Comic Book Week DAY 2

Things I find funny about comic books is that they can kill off anybody for any reason and then bring then back. Somehow Colossus died and then somewhere along the line someone thought to bring him back, and without any explanation whatsoever he returned almost out of thin air and no one questioned it.

Then you have those issues that go kinda wasted even if its some sort of social message in it. Like this issue where Alpha Flight member NorthStar pretty much comes out the the closet to his sister.

This I believe is the oldest comic I have. I think it's from 1978 or so. I've never read it though. Not much of a DC fan, its just too corny.

So what happens when your body gets snatched and goes on a crazed rampage? Ask Psylocke ooooooooooor ask Wolverine as he is being held hostage. Another character killed and bought back several times.

Soap Opera


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