Monday, April 25, 2011

Advice to the older homies

A reader asked me what advice I could give to the older homies since I gave advice to the younger homies a few days ago.

Here are a few:

Take care of your kids and your family
Strap it up
If you're getting money like Robin Hood give a little too
Stop trying to be cool either you are or you aren't
Wake Up
Get a blood test
Get a job
Believe in something
Educate yourself and educate others without being preachy
Learn how to do something
Stop blaming other people
Stop getting chicks pregnant that you really don't like cause chances are she didnt get pregnant the first time you two got together
Don't be mad that she wants to keep the baby
Get a blood test
Think before you speak because you're words and actions are usually under a microscope
Stop drinking so much
Stop smoking so much
Teach the kids how to do and be better
Stop trying to be something you're not

I am sure there are more but that should be a good start to somewhere.

H.U.G.S. (helping us grow strong)


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