Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kanye West Beat Tape from 2001

Some ppl are making a lot of this tape saying that it is poorly mixed. Maybe, maybe not. but you gotta think that in 2001 he was just getting his feet in the door and prob had so many people and projects to work on that he didn't have time to give the whole beat and proper mix. Really all you need is the vibe of the track and if you think its dope he would prob go in and tweak it later. Really at some point what would be the point in fully polishing a beat that somebody might not pick? Esp when he prob had so much going on at the time. Additionally when an artist picks a beat (and if they have half a brain) they track it out anyway soooooooo things would get touched up there too. Listen and enjoy.

LINK The Dropout DRAG

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