Thursday, December 16, 2010

Movie Review : Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps

This movie is a lot less devious than they made it seem in the trailers. Nonetheless its still pretty low down. It's a tale of revenge and power. Michael Douglas' character Gordon Gecko returns home from jail with nothing and is sort of befriended by his daughters boyfriend Jake played Shia LaBeouf. Jake wants revenge on a rival for the kinda death of his mentor and Gordon has the inside scoop. They play around with 100 Million dollars for about 2/3's of the film the love story the reconcile then it ends. You know though, this movie could have been better I'm just not so sure how. The money and seeing how money flows in the World is inspiring, the acting was good it was just missing something that made it special. Sidenote: The Barton Perreira glasses that Douglas had on in the film were amazing!

This is a sequel in a way, but it isn't a movie that you have to see the first one to get and it doesn't make you want to see the first one. I'm OK with not seeing the first movie even if I should, even if it's better than this one.

Saturn Eating His Son


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