Monday, December 13, 2010

The "This Guy Is Trippin'" Award Goes Too --- Araab Musik

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Dipset's 3rd string (that's right I said it) producer Araab Musik is apparently known for his impressive (yet uninspiring) movements on the MPC (midi production center). He basically does it like a drummer doing a solo but only he uses the sampling machine.

He is now claiming that Kanye "stole" his style during the VMA's when he used the MPC during his performance???!!! Que? This claim has me and a lot of other ppl baffled. Kanye was not merely banging on the MPC making garage band sounds. He performed his song on his MPC that HE created it with.

That's like saying Travis Barker stole ?uestlove's style because he is a drummer with a unique hairstyle. Or saying Brittney Spear's stole Madonna's style because she sold sexuality.


Homeboy is tired of cashing them Dipset checks and wants some other paper. I hear you but this is the wrong kind of attention and its based off of foolishness. Plus the VMA's was all the way in the Summer...why did it take this long for dude to speak up??? Cause somebody is gassing homeboy up. Too bad his beats are wack maybe he coulda made a come up.

"He was there, but he had just left."


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