Thursday, December 2, 2010


Based on True Events, this film is fun for awhile. Hasidic Jews moving Ecstasy Pills overseas...whats not fun about that?? Jesse Eisenberg plays a 20 year old Hasidic Jewish kid who isn't happy with the life that is planned for him. He works for his father at a fabric shop. He is good with numbers but doesn't get to use his knowledge of math much. His best friend lives next door and they are both studying to be Rabbis. His friends older brother asks if he wants a job in the medicine field. Soon he figures out that it isn't medicine but is comforted once he learns that he is working for Jews. But as all things, soon comes the downside as his world comes crashing down. Q-Tip shows up as a drug dealer in Amsterdam. Good Movie. Crumby ending (but real). Stop Snitching.

Breath and Stop


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