Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Message From Truth Is

damn today makes it exactly two years that i've been lock'd up , i just wanted to tell everybody how much i really appreciate the support that alot of yall have shown me ! listen i know everybody haven't been there for me like they wish they could, but listen "truth is" i'm truly greatful to say that some of yall was there for me through some of my toughest times hands down. it's been times a few of yall lost contact with me but i ain't tripping still cause the general support is priceless !!!!!!!!!!it feels good knowing what i'll be coming home to over-all people that truly have love for me !!!!i'll never forget who yall are "truth is" , also i hope that everybody enjoy yall holidays. this is another Christmas i'll be missing , but at the same time i just look at it as another Christmas closer to home more or less facing facts . Truth Is love is love this time away proved that to me best hands down,not too mention i got to see how friends come and go and how family is for life . i noticed how some people i thought was family only turn'd out to friends , and some the one's i thought was only friends turn'd out to really be family and i'm not nad at that (truth is ). but everybody enjoy yall holidays and i want some more holiday flix yall , and yeah somebody must been praying for me cause i finally got my transfer in motion now to be much closer to home (probably only 2hrs away from the city). and yeah i want some holiday pictures from yall lol

p.s. Ike get at me nigga i HEAR u out there lol ,
and shot out to miami....I-is to that lmfao

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