Friday, September 4, 2009

Where My Dogs At?

Robin Starr is the CEO of the Richmond SPCA. She was the owner of a deaf and blind dog....was because she left Louie, a 16 year old mutt in the back seat of the car for 4 hours on a 91 degree day. Now in a normal situation I may be sympathetic, but in this instance where every time I turn around Mike Vick is apologizing and crying and begging to get back good with the people who don't really like him anyway I say FUCK the SPCA! When did it dawn on her or her husband that they didn't see the blind and deaf dog for 4 hours?? Even after an hour you should have been at least curious to where your dog was especially given the fact that it's blind and deaf. This is a simple case of neglect and had it been an Athlete, Music Star or Celebrity the SPCA would have been all over them with bad press. That's all.

R.I.P. Louis


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