Friday, September 18, 2009

Street Heat -- Found Nowhere!

The homie Street Heat just dropped his new mixtape FOUND NOWHERE! Street opted to use none of his own beats ( except for the title track) so that his lyrics could be truly heard and not be out shined by his production. He goes from the deepest parts of his mind, to the streets, to the club on his journey through music. The whole team is riding on this Team Arson release as well as FOUND NOWHERE! features: Jae Poet, Nova Starz, Rsun@l (Ase & Ze), Ollie V.O.S.O., Big DRO, J .Killa, DJ Craigos Gettum, Tekno Beats and myself. Also featured are Cash Smith, Dre Babes, Clay and Twinn. Street Heat shows off his singing/songwriting abilities heavily on this mixtape, as well as his rhyming to make a nice blend of the two. It does leave you wanting a bit more...guess we'll have to wait til Street drops A Beautiful Mind!

DOWNLOAD IT HERE!!! (usershare)

Proud of you Bro


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