Thursday, September 17, 2009


Dammit, this is like when good idea's go bad. I like Scott, he seems like a cool guy. And I'll be damned if the guy doesn't have fans that support the hell outta him, but I just can't get into his music. When he is on a song with features he is easily out shined by the guest star. On songs by himself he just doesn't posses enough presence to hold my attention....and I really wanna like it. He can't sing and he is not that good at rapping either. All he raps/sings about is being depressed, sad and lonely and I can appreciate that but the execution of his songs just don't come through. "Sky Might Fall," if sung by Daughtry, NickleBack, The Fray. Keri Hilson, hell even the newly revived Whitney Houston would be a EPIC song...but when delivered by the Cudster it becomes a good idea with good production and poor execution.

Sadly, I only like 2 songs "Alive" and "Cudi Zone," which are numbers 10 & 11 . Hopefully as his career progresses so shall his music.

Well Killz likes it


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Young J.Killa(T.A.G.) said...

Hahaha Yea i fucks wit Kid Cudi hard you already kno i agree on he cant rap dat good or sing well but idk its somethin about him i think his songwriting skills and his creativity that makes him one of my favorite n make me wanna write creative but he will progress as he go on hopefully but i love da whole album