Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Jay-Z's latest album The BluePrint 3 was leaked earlier this month, mostly the Timbaland produced tracks. But that didn't stop the selling power of this album even if some people weren't feeling the leaked tracks initially. Bottom line is the album is great!! It has a good feeling to it all the way through. The production is solid and the rhymes are superb. "So Ambitious," the Pharrell produced track has an odd hook line "I might hit two sisters" that kinda comes out of nowhere but it works. The hook on "What We Talkin Bout," sung by Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun is sometimes hard to f'ing hear what he is saying, but the song is pretty epic. For a guy that doesn't really enjoy Kid Cudi's music, my favorite song right now is "Already Home," where Cudi sings the hook. He sounds more alive and happy then his usual "I'm dying, sad and depressed tone of music." The Kanye West produced beat is sick and Jay kills it! If you saw the concert show Jay-z did on 9/11 on Fuse Tv, the chemistry was best between Jay-Z and Cudi, more so then artists he has worked with for years...Pharrell (seemed like he didn't know the words to most of the songs and seemed very awkward).

The BluePrint 3 is a classic album and Jay-Z's 11th #1 album.

The Architect


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