Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's Wrong With You People??

This guy can't catch a break. Wanna give people health care?? Problem!! Wanna speak to the kids in school?? Problem!! Really, 1/3 of the kids aren't even in school anymore so somebody needs to talk to them. And why not the President? I am 1000% sure that if Oprah said she wanted to broadcast and talk to the kids at school there would not be any problem at all. Old people thinking that the new health care plan is aiming to kill them...guess're old you're going die anyway..its really just a matter of health care is not going to kill you. If you take your Tuesday pill on Thursday THAT might kill you but not a person trying to give you health care. Maybe if you are that senile you don't need health care, just embrace the sweet touch of the Reaper.

Is that you GrandMa?


1 comment:

thevoice said...

The problem is the white folks don't want a Black man telling them anything. Is it 2009 or 1809?