Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best Rap CD's of 2008

Honestly I don't remember too many CD's of '08. I don't know if there just weren't alot of CD's or if they just weren't any good.

Young Jeezy's 3rd Album "The Recession." was probably the best rap album to me. Jeezy who has always been criticized for his lack of lyrically dexterity came out swinging on the entire CD. It was graceful, it was intense, and it was real. He maintained his "everyman" image. He still is a brand for the streets and still goes hard.

Lil Wayne's album " The Carter III" boasted big name producers and guest stars. But you know what...I miss Manny Fresh. It's crazy that I can listen to the Carter I and II and honestly say that those are better than The Carter III. While this album moved plenty of units and solidified Wanye as a rap superstar it did nothing for the fans that were riding with him since day one. The feature verses that he did throughout the last 2 years were better than the majority of the content on this album. But hey "long hair don't care."

The homie Chuck Taylor goes hard for his Coast! On The Game's 3rd album "LAX." He makes you feel the Cali love. From song to song he gives you the rundown of California life. This CD makes you wanna get a drop top lowrider and ride around blasting the CD. The Game once again proves that he doesn't need Dr. Dre or other writers to make a banging album.

T.I.'s post arrest CD "Paper Trail," is kinda amazing. In the sense that everybody heard a majority of the album months before it came out and it still did great on the charts. T.I's still KING.

Nas's CD "Untitled," was supposed to be called "Nigger." But to the delight of many older persons, the CD's name was changed to "Untitled." Honestly most of the hype around the album for me is that it was going to be called "Nigger," but when that fell through so did the anticipation for me. It was an ok album but nothing to mind altering, or earth shattering happened during me listening. But the odd thing is the mixtape Nas released with DJ Green Lantern "The Nigger Mixtape." Was way better than the album.

Ok so it's not technically a RAP album, but there are rappers on it and Ye is a producer and to be honest its on of the best albums and one of the most creative efforts of the year. Kanye's 4th album "808's & Heartbreak" explores Kanye's singy-er side. The production is great and the melodies are classic. He took flack for this album when he said it was going to be all Auto-Tune (that T-Pain), but really you don't notice it. Its a classic, he went there and he did it right!

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