Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daddy's Girls

Last night was the premiere episode of the reality show (yayyy another one) "Daddy's Girls"starring Angela (hot) and Vanessa (hotter) Simmons. The show shoulda been called "Rev. Run calls his and Daughters and the TK Show." The whole show was about the break up of Angela and skateboarding and rapper Terry Kennedy aka TK. Who Angela revealed, broke up with her because she wasn't going to have sex before marriage. Hey atleast he didn't fake the funk and say "yeah baby that's cool we can just cuddle and whatnot." Then they have their cousin (i think) who sounds like a man, (I'm hoping she has a cold), sleeping on the couch. Two other chicks that might be hot...I don't really remember. Then some weird dude shows up for a blind date named Shue or something. The show was pretty dumb.

My father's Rich


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