Friday, June 27, 2008

The 9 Seasons

C-Love had an event last night @ the 5 Seasons. Lots of people were out. Ahk, OGUN, B-Fly, G.E.M., Barnes, Real 2 Real, Big Moon, and others I am sure. M.O.L. was on stage when I got there. They had two songs that really stuck out, but way too many dudes on stage as decoration. Real 2 Real & Big Moon took the stage and ripped it. They were promoting their upcoming album "The Big PUSH." The songs they did were banging. After that there was a battle between some dude and some dude. The one dude was super wack and crying like a baby about everything, the other dude was killing it in every category. But I guess crying prevailed b/c the cry baby won. I watched dude get robbed right in front of my eyes it was amazing. Wackness Wins!

Even Winners Lose


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