Sunday, June 22, 2008

Crank Dat!!

So for some reason Ice-T of all people puts out a video talking bad against the homie Soulja Boy. I think he is mad because Lil Ice knows more Soulja Boy songs then he does his pop's. Ice - T talks out of line against SB. Instead he should be happy that the kid is making money and not in the street hustling. If Ice -T has a problem with the "killing of Hip-Hop" (which was really only propaganda for Nas' album) then he should be mad at Yung Joc, D4L, Dem Franchise Boys, and others, not just a 17 year old kid. And 50 cent likes the kid too so Ice-T might have alot on his hands now. Ice is kinda lucky that he isn't popular anymore b/c he'd have every young kid booing him every night. Soulja Boy may not be the hip-hop that some people like but he is hip-hop. Just b/c he isn't making make believe raps about how many people he killed, and how much drugs he sells Ice-T doesn't approve....right. Soulja Boy might be the freshman to Ice-T's senior but it seems Ice-T is the one who needs to grow up.

Cop Killer on Law and Order...right


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