Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Good Lemonade!

Its been a wild news day. Today R. Kelly was found not guilty of ...well you know. Guard the kids Kelly's on he loose. You know he is gonna act a fool now that this is over. B/c the "mole" on the dude's back seen in the tape was not present on Kelly's body they dropped everything. Ok Ok...just saying what if the "mole" on dudes back wasn't a mole at all but instead a lint ball or something stuck to his back. AND...if that wasn't Kelly, who the hell was it having sex with an under aged teen in the video...hmmm. That person should have been on trial. Wasting R. Kelly's damn time with this crap. Don't people know he has stuff to do. Like sing about how good his "lemonade" is, and add more chapters to Trapped in the Closet, so it can be made into a Broadway Musical (I bet plenty of people would go see it).

I honestly ask what is the point of it all. The trial has been delayed for 10 years plenty of time of get a great case together point blank to lock him up. Yet again they fall short in 12 days. So I have to this all pretend fairyland or something. Michael Jackson on trial and has been accused of things for years...nothing! And plenty of other "celebrities" that seem like they are heading for hard time and end up with nothing. DON'T GET ME WRONG!!!...I don't want anybody locked up, but it seems like either

a) the jury holds a special place in their hearts for celebrities and do not want to lock them up
b) honestly finds them not guilty
c) this is just a real life soap opera for people to watch and follow to get their minds off how the government is screwing us!

I don't know. mole....Defence Rest


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