Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Movie Review - Chronicle

This movie that ppl knew very little about, turned out to be pretty cool. It's a sci-fi horror-esqe thriller. It touches on subjects of home abuse, bullying, brotherhood and the effects of these things. Andrew, Matt and Steve (Andrew and Matt are cousins) find a tunnel that leads to a glowing unexplainable crystal structure. The 3 of them gain telekinetic powers. This movie is filled with irony. Physically the weakest of the 3, Andrew who was bullied in school and beaten at home by his father had the strongest mental powers. ****SPOILER ALERT**** When Steven was hit by the airplane Andrew saved him, but Andrew was the one who killed Steven.
Andrew's father was an out of work fireman....the reason Andrew got caught... he was set on fire.

This was much more a behavioral film...nature vs nurture argument. Steven was nurtured in life and he was popular in school, class president, well liked and out going. That is why I think he was the first one to learn to fly. Andrew was worrying about his sick mother, beaten daily by his father, picked on by everyone in school and even in the neighborhood. Very introverted. He felt alone and did not know how to deal with his feelings and emotions. And Matt just went with the flow kind of a mesh of the 2.

This was a great movie. I'm glad they didn't spend any time talking about where the weird power crystal came from, that explanation would have brought the whole movie down. Great explosion in the hospital!

You Walk Around My House Smiling (funniest line of the movie)


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