Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie Review : Man On A Ledge

If I was in some type of coma maybe this movie would have been better. The premise was great. Man on a Ledge! Well why is he on a ledge? That was the draw for ppl and the trailer was awesome. But when you sit down and actually digest this mess of a movie its just dumb. This whole review is a spoiler so you might just want to stop if you are at anyway for any reason interested in this film.

First the reason he was locked up in the first place made no sense. The diamond was stolen and it was believed that he cut the diamond into smaller pieces and sold them individually??? The fuck! He was a cop not fucking James Bond. I'm not sure that most cops just know a place where they can take a 40 Million Dollar Diamond and get it cut into like 100 smaller diamonds without raising the suspicions of the FBI.

The way he escaped was bullshit. He would have been shot and dead immediately.

When he was on the ledge talking to the woman detective...if he knew she was giving him a cigarette to run his prints why do it?! I think this was a flaw in the writing or something b/c that made no sense. Plus I'm not 1000% sure you can get a good match on fingerprints on a cigarette? He went to such great lengths to make sure he left no prints in the hotel room why give up the prints that easily...esp knowing that when they found out who you were it would go into high alert. Additionally HOW THE FUCK DIDN'T THEY KNOW WHO HE WAS?! He was an officer on the force that was suspected of stealing diamonds and locked up...but no one knew who he was until the prints came back??

The dynamic of his brother and his girlfriend breaking into the building was annoying as hell. Where'd they get explosives? The blueprints for the building? They said they where training for a year...how?! They tried to go Ocean's 11 but failed.

When he jumped from 12 stories onto the cushion it was just preposterous. Not only would he have been injured, he would have been so damn discombobulated he would in no way just jump up and run after the diamond guy. Plus he would have been immediately apprehended by the police since the were trying to arrest him the whole movie right. I mean that was the point right?

It's more things that were dumb about this film but I'm tired of pointing them out. Rent it if you want but ehhhhh just skip it.



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