Monday, March 21, 2011


I saw Jumper for the 1st time today. Not bad. Plot was pretty dumb but ehh oh well. The movie posed more questions than answers though. The Paladins hunted the "Jumpers" b/c they felt that nobody should have that kind of power but God, so how did they figure they had the some power to kill. Especially with the understanding that God made the Jumpers. Seems as if it would be very easy to kill Roland (Sam Jackson's character) by just taking him to the Empire State Building and dropping him off of it. And if Hayden's character 1st "jumped" when he was 5 why didn't he do it again til he was like 13? And why did he pick the school library of all places? And how come Rachael's character never asked where he went for 8 years? But I digress, its a movie and they only have so much time to explain things without it getting totally boring.

White Hair Sam C'mon Man


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