Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lupe Fiaco - Lasers

This is indeed a FIASCO! I had been seeing the chatter on the internets about how bad this album was. But as a true listener, student of music and fan of Lu I purchase Lasers ( I mean it's called Lasers -- that's a kick ass title.) The build up was epic. His fans rally for him get a petition signed for the label to let him release music. A few days go pass and Lupe takes a photo with a person from the label as if things are good to go.

The single comes out --- "The Show Goes On" produced by Kane beats. COOL! Dope message in the lyrics the beat is more bells and whistles then I'm used to from Lu but is nice. Another song hits the net. "Words I Should've Said" ILL!! Tells why he didn't vote for Obama and a host of other issues --- its deep! So now I'm listening to the album and its pretty bad. Trey Songz?? I fuck with Trigga and they are label mates and what have you but this is just wrong. The lyrics aren't bad the beat isn't bad it's just a bad combination ( sorry Street). And unfortunately the whole album pretty much plays this way. Very bad mixes of odd beats to good lyrics.

But where this really falls short are the songs that are very forced. These songs sound like reference tracks for another artist. Not Lupe though. I mean this is just bizarre. I am not all the way mad at him though. The machine needs its money and it's stars and he still pretty much said fuck the label on a couple tracks on the album so you can feel where he is coming from. This is one of those Prince, SLAVE on the face moments. Hopefully Lu can bounce back and make another classic with producers that we the fans have actually heard of and songs that we and Lupe actually enjoy.



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